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You’re always welcome!


Are you looking for true fellowship with Jesus Christ? Well, look no further!


We have been waiting for you! Manchester Fountain of Life is a Congregation of believers in the Word of God who endeavour to apply the good news of Jesus Christ to their lives.


We Are A Family-Oriented, Bible-Believing Fellowship Dedicated To Teaching Sound Spiritual Doctrine Based On The Bible.


We believe that in the midst of the difficulties that we face in the world today, the secret of a Purposeful and victorious life lies in establishing a Personal relationship with Jesus Christ and walking in His love.


At Manchester Fountain of Life Christian Church, we believe in worshipping God under the banner of unity and love. In this spirit, we rejoice with those who are rejoicing in the Lord, and we share the burdens of those who bear them.


Here at the Manchester Fountain of Life, you will experience heartfelt praise and worship and a Dynamic exhibition of the Word of God. These form an important part of each service and help usher all into the awesome presence of the living God.


You are cordially invited to join us in fellowship so that together we can share in the spiritual riches that Jesus Christ bestows upon us as children of God.


To all of you who have been searching for a Place to call a Spiritual home, once again, we say, “Welcome!”

Community & Charity Programs

Our mission is to serve the community as well as getting the message of Christianity to the people. Here at MFLCC we have programs over the year that focus on creating a safe space for children to grow and flourish as well as help people within the community who are most at risk such as the elderly and people with mental health issues.

Africa DaY Charity Event
Group Session

We provide a safe and creative space for children

Our special Sunday School sessions teach kids the foundation of Christianity but also emphasises the importance of family, good social relationships and caring for one another.